Strict Customs When Importing Modafinil

Modafinil is a wakefulness promoting agent which battles sleep inside your body. Even if you hold a valid prescription if you import into certain countries such as Canada, Netherlands, Italy – customs may still seize your package. This kind of hassle can be cumbersome especially if you are trying to fulfil a prescription on the cheap (not everyone can afford expensive healthcare I hear ya). Thankfully there is a price-effective solution to our problems.

The Problem getting modafinil

The problem is simple, most online modafinil vendors are engaging in a process called dropshipping whereby all product is sourced from Asia (mostly India) directly to the country of import (wherever it is you live). Since modafinil is a controlled or scheduled substance in most countries the import of such substance ought to be regulated. In most cases when customs inspect a package and find such a substance they will request evidence of your prescription then forward the package to you – hopefully apologizing for the hassle along the way. The problem is heightened by the fact of the destination of export being typically Indian in origin, its a red flag for countries like Belgium; Cyprus and Japan who ramp up random customs inspections for such packages thus making package confiscations quite common.

Here is a list of countries that most online modafinil vendors will not ship to:

Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates.

The sad news is that if you live in any of those countries then most online modafinil vendors will not ship to you directly because of the extremely high seizure rate. There is however a solution in getting your packages unimpeded into your country of import, and it’s by package forwarding.

Skypax – package forwarding

Package forwarding is a process whereby a company will accept a package on your behalf then reship it from their depot to your location. They act as a proxy-middleman between your country of import and the indian based dropshipper sending you your medication. Often times the forwarder will repackage the product and obscurify the country of origin (making it originate from a reputable european country thus removing Indian red flags) and so reducing the high seizure rate for the before mentioned countries.

Skypax is one of those forwarders and its one of the most popular. It is recommended by all major online modafinil retailers and within nootropic communities it is a common household name. What do skypax do exactly? well here is an excerpt from their mission statement:

Skypax provide customers locally or internationally the ability to buy merchandise from the United Kingdom and have the products shipped abroad. Due to legal and taxation reasons a handful of online retailers flat out refuse to ship their products outside of the UK. Skypax solves the issue with their UK reshipment hub which (for a small fee) accept the parcel on behalf of you, then again send it off directly to your house. Reasons for skypax may include anonymity for online purchase or simply easier experience during online shopping.

The cost of skypax

Skypax offer two main services. One time shipment and a subscription based service. One time shipment costs £12+shipping cost. In other words skypax want to be paid £12 for their manpower for one shipment. Their subscription based service is more comprehensive, £100 a year however you will still be required to cover the shipping cost for every parcel you have forwarded.


It is strongly NOT advised to import modafinil into Japan due to this reddit users anecdotal story. He describes his three month ordeal, raid and subsequent interrogation.

When importing into strict countries do not import excessive quantities, the generally advised amount is 60 pills and below.


If you are having trouble importing modafinil into your country or if vendors just decline to ship to your country, Skypax is a service which can fix your problem – for a relatively small fee. If the cost proves to be a bit high for you (and it very well may if you plan on importing a lot of modafinil over a long course of time), a cost more than you would personally justify then I suggest that you research alternative cheaper ways of obtaining your medication. If you live in Mexico its likely that you can buy it from a physical pharmacy for quite cheap but this certainly isnt the case in the USA because of big-pharma-monopoly-prices. I’d really appreciate it if you contact me back and let me know your solution, do it for the good of mankind 🙂