Modafinil and Caffeine – A powerful nootropic stack

Modafinil is great, but it can be better by combining it with other supplements, drugs or herbs. This is a processes accurately referred to as “stacking” in the nootropics community. Modafinil stacks come in all shapes and sizes and can be geared for any number of desired effects from memory enhancement to increasing motivation. Because the mechanism of action of modafinil isnt that well understood it is hard to objectively determine which stacks are effective.

Modafinil and Caffeine, a powerful stack - ModNerd

Modafinil and Caffeine, a powerful stack – ModNerd

Modafinil and Caffeine

The synergy between caffeine and modafinil is mighty, without a doubt one of the most popular modafinil stacks of all time. Though caffeine alone isnt generally accepted as a powerful nootropic, many have discovered that combining it with modafinil can enhance both it and modafinils properties.

Caffeine and Modafinil though pharmacologically different are often associated with each other in terms of positive effect. The stimulating wakefulness provided by both is enough for a productive buzz. One major difference between the two is the extremely short half life of caffeine compared to modafinil.

You may find that usually caffeine has little to no effect on you, in these instances modafinil has been observed amplifying or increasing the effects of caffeine. The benefits of stacking modafinil and caffeine together are performance related.

Modafinil+Caffeine is reckoned as a powerful sleep combatant, for those who really need the extra punch which modafinil may for them barely provide. People combine these two drugs to stay motivated, alert and awake for as long as possible. To achieve this long-term-effect many techniques of dosing are applied such as precisely timing coffee intake with 100mg of modafinil at any one time (though not exceeding 400mg in one day), and prehaps even occasionally switching out coffee with green tea.

One Eroid user’s experience:

In any case, I’ve found that when Provigil and caffeine are combined the effects of both drugs are exacerbated, often to an unpleasant extent. I have always had a very high tolerance for caffeine, pre-modafinil I drank 7 to 10 cups a day with minimal negative side effects. Now, if I take my 200mgs modafinil in the morning and then drink a single cup of coffee I am totally wired – complete with excessive jitters, racing thoughts, profusive sweating and a deep-set restless and anxious feeling. I would imagine if someone with a caffeine sensitivity combined these two drugs the consequences would be more than a bit unpleasant.

In my personal experience if you drink caffeine regularly then you should be cautious when you start to take modafinil. On modafinil coffee is about two-three times more potent – an amplification which might be too much if you arent expecting it. Caffeine is well known for exacerbating underlying feelings of anxiety and so is modafinil (along with all stimulants known to mankind). The caffeine and modafinil stack carries an extremely high potential for uncomfortable feelings of anxiety so it is advised that you dose carefully.

Caffeine is a really good booster shot to modafinil. My recommendation is 200mg and a cup of coffee in the morning. Then if you feel like your lagging towards the end of the day, a pro plus would sort you out. Remember to stay hydrated. There will be undesired effects like head aches and dizzy spells if you dont drink alot of water. I usually drink 4L on a day with 200mg of modafinil and maybe 200mg of caffeine.

deh707 from reddit reports this:

If I take modafinil and caffeine, the jitters and anxiety will come guaranteed. This is why I always take L-theanine whenever those 2 are present. e.g.: 50mg moda, 50-100mg caffeine, 100-200mg theanine.

A user from Quora elaborates on their experience with modafinil and caffeine and suggests a dosage method for achieving ultimate enhancement and stimulation:

  • A coffee/espresso right when you start the day
  • Modafinil one hour after
  • Green tea in the afternoon for L-Theanine and hydration
  • Espresso in the late evening once the dose has worn off

Warnings and conclusion

There is extreme individual variation for how people react to this combination, you should dose modafinil and caffeine slowly and learn your tolerances. Modafinil and caffeine will greatly amplify each other, sadly this also means negative side effects will be amplified such as: jitteryness; anxeity; chest tightness/chest sensations and headaches. Because of the extreme variance in individual lifestyles and tolerances it is advised that you create your own method of dosing this stack, one which is unique to your routine.

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