Buy Modafinil Online – Naviagting the wild west

If you are an effective shopper like me, then you will be well aware that all the best deals are online. This is especially true for those who want to buy modafinil. It can be a bit uneasy doing your medication shopping online, its not a light matter entrusting your health to any entity that you first happen to cross.

Modafinil Vendors

Most of the online modafinil vendors that you will find are middlemen. They manage customer support and advertising. All of the product is actually sourced from India through dropshippers (people who hold stock on behalf of a middleman and ship on demand). Few of the vendors that you will find actually stock their own product, when they do they are usually licensed pharmacies acting in a White Market.

Grey Markets vs White Markets

Grey markets for modafinil exist – they are grey because they do not require prescriptions on part of the customer. Most of the operators of grey vendors do not hold pharmacy licenses in their territory of operation. Grey market prices are highly competitive and are often up to three times lower than white market prices.

The main drawback with grey market sources is an inherent skepticism over safety and purity of the product. There is no legal process or guarantee over the safety of what you are ordering, it is very much like the Wild West. It’s no fun to buy modafinil when you are unsure of its quality. This fear is curtailed by vendors releasing COA’s (purity certificates), and abundant vendor reviews on various forums like reddit.

Anatomy of a Typical Vendor

When you buy modafinil the order flow is often unseen. The structure of a typical modafinil store is as follows, with wholesalers situated closely to manufacturers, interfacing with middle-men vendors and ultimately ending up at the customers doorstep:

1. Manufacturer (Sun Pharma, Hab Pharma, Cephalon), to:

2. Dropshipper/Wholesaler (Typically in India) VIA a vendor’s website, to:

3. Final destination is the customer

Find and buy modafinil

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